Happy Easter and a relaxing holiday! 01.04.2021

Frohe Ostern Taumelsiebmaschine

The easter bunny has escaped ... who will find him first?

The GKM Siebtechnik team wishes you a Happy Easter and a relaxing holiday!

New pressure-resistant GKM screening machine KTS-VP2 600 for control screening in pneumatic conveying streams 03.02.2021

Druckfeste Maschine KTS-VP2

The raw materials contain impurities or lumps

The majority of raw materials from various industries exist in the form of powder or granules, these are generally stored in transport or storage silos. As it is possible for the raw materials to contain impurities, agglomerates or tramp material the unfortunate consequences of this are them finding their way into the process flow which in turn results in a loss of production due to machine & system emptying and clean down. The implication of this being – product rejection / recalls at the point when the impurities reach the end product. The use of check sifters / sieves is an effective way to police the powders & ultimately prevent these issues occurring. As the typical transfer of such raw materials between silos or the loading and unloading of trucks is carried out by pneumatic conveying this can create an overpressure in the conveying system, this is why a gravity screening machine cannot be used for this purpose. In order to ensure smooth conveying, GKM Siebtechnik has developed the pressure-resistant screening machine KTS-VP2 600. Contact us for further information!